Limited Production

Custom motorcycle Limited Production
Illustration of “Una” – Jeremy Lacy – Downshift Studios

A Limited Production Motorcycles is the goal… for 10 years I have been asking one question. What is a Twinline Motorcycle?

I do no want to build bikes that everyone one will love….  I want to build bikes that a hand full of people will love to death… I want the riders of my bikes to be willing to push boogers out to the edges of their tires in an almost religious like devotion. I want the riders of my bikes to have a chance to satisfy an itch that can not be scratched….

I want to build my vision of what a motorcycle can be… based on my experiences as a rider and as a builder. The only nostalgia my bikes should bring you is the daily occurrence of why the f*ck you got into riding in the first place.. I want to build motorcycles that when you roll the throttle and tear your tire, or out brake your buddy by 2 cones, you will thank me personally…

There is no set amount of horsepower, or stats, or a given components list that will bring the intangibility of my goals in to reality… there are thousands of engineers and bean counters that try and balance the experience like a spreadsheet… I build to express the moments of perfection I have experienced on 2 wheels..

I have been consumed by this conversation and working towards my goals for a decade.. Every project I take on, I move forward on my vision. I am not interested in going backwards….

Obsession is the only thing that produces results and with that I will extend these moments of perfection…

Ian Halcott




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