Ian Halcott

I have been riding and building motorcycles for 25 years. In 2006 I ¬†started twinline motorcycles in Seattle… it was a custom cafe racer shop specializing in classic Japanese bikes. It was my life and daily passion for 5 years.. I was overseeing and working on 60 projects at a time from complete custom builds to service and dyno tuning.. I was also training an army of mechanic fabricators so when I stepped back from running the full scale shop..

I moved to California in 2011 with my family and began to focus on fabricating seats and tanks for custom builds, garage builders, as well as custom motorcycle shops… since then I have been cutting, forming, and welding metal into custom motorcycles every day..

I’m booked out about a year right now but¬†when I done with that work. I will start on my prototype for my Limited Production Motorcycle. Projected debut 2018

If you wish to follow me personally I post on instagram.com/ianhalcott there you can see the rancho and the kids and some of my custom builds and projects.

– Ian Halcott

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