Constraints and compromises.

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Building a limited production motorcycle has caused me a great deal of problems.  The lists of what is missing and the unknowns are many. But like much of what I have done in my career I will work my way through it and sort it out usually with a good deal of help from my community of riders, racers,  engineers, designers, and even design engineers…

Concept Sketch Urban Motorcycle Cafe Racer custom limited Production Moto
Render by Jeremy Lacy of


I do not have a set of plans sketched out in CAD with details fussed over to the thousandth of an inch.  I do not have a fancy concept sketches of what the prototype will be to entice possible buyers or investors. There is no prototype to be flogged by the media to drum up deposits. I have no applicable engineering invested. I am not certain of any aspect of this build.

Cad custom motorcycle hossack girder front end engineering FFE funny front end ducati cafe racer limited production moto

So this is where to start.. with nothing. No commitments to what this will end up being… I am only committed to achieving my intangible goals.

I have nothing but the ideas and fragments of concepts I have tried with success and failure over the years on a thousand motorcycle projects pushed a thousand different ways. When I think back about all of them the details are minor in each case only going as far as an individual project could risk or my skill and imagination could carry. Added up it starts to feel like a collage of a singular focus as to what a motorcycle can be. In my case it has been about what a street motorcycle can be.

limited production concept motorcycle cafe racer cbr f2 f3 cbr600rr
CBR F2 “the Mandalorian”

There are several recurring themes that have stayed on top of my design goals. These intangible constraints will govern the engineering and the art of this build. Every piece of tube, every bolt, every component used will be held accountable to meet or exceed these constraints from a holistic approach to motorcycle design. I am not bound by customers, companies, or committees. I have no set timeline, limit on skill, or a budget. I am the dictator of my dreams. In reality I am building a motorcycle from the ground up as I see fit it will be a Twinline Motorcycle. I have a friend who worked with me at the old Twinline shop and he would often say “winners don’t compromise”.

It has taken me a long time to step back from what compromises a motorcycle builder most….

…other peoples motorcycles…

– Ian





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