Design – Generally Speaking.

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A few years back I was assisting with the proof of concept for a roadable airplane. I took it upon the entire efforts of Twinline motorcycles and the community think tank available to push that idea that into reality.

A man walked in  one day and asked about what we could do to help him realize his dream. He then presented a single piece of paper with a photoshopped picture of a small experimental aircraft with some wheels and a fairing under the plane like an enclosed luggage rack you would see on top of a car. The man had 30 years of general aviation experience, he had jumped out of more planes than I have even been in and won skydiving gold… But most important he knew that what he was asking for was possible. We delivered his proof of concept in 45 days. He took that and put what we had all learned collectively then adapted it onto a plane and drove it to Oshkosh.

Design is not just for CAD simulations, or years of sketching, or researching metallurgy, to me it is about knowing what it will take to produce the result I am looking for. It is much more accessible than the dogma of massive company structure. As the blacksmiths of old turned to being mechanics, engineers and in the same breath manufacturers. They did not have the enormous overhead of a process to incrementally improve motorcycles. They had a blank slate and the ability to make real things.

Design is understanding the intention. Engineering is promising it will work right. And none of it is real until you see it rolling down the road.

My designs are 25 years in development I have experimented with as many two wheeled.. er…  or three wheeled vehicles I can get my hands on. My understanding and intentions are clear. This is the beginning of the development of my dream with Twinline Motorcycles. Knowing what is possible and how to make it a reality are a practiced discipline born from many successes and more failures.

I am very much excited about moving from design to reality.  -Ian HalcottCustom Airplane Experimental EAA FLying Car Roadable Airplane Proof of concept


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