10 years of pushing… Twinline Motorcycles has done nothing but evolve. I started out with an empty shop that grew into a community fixture in Seattle. Serving the needs of clients from custom to classic. I built a community of riders and builders over the years that to this day has a significant impact on the scene.

The best way to get a taste of that fleeting moment was in a short documentary on the shop by Todd Blubaugh who was a cornerstone of the community at Twinline.  Featuring my good friends and characters that seasoned the flavor of the shop. Video

I moved to California 5 years ago and Tower ran his own shop under the Twinline banner we coordinated efforts and sometimes stepped on each others toes,  but we both operated as Twinline in our own capacities and goals…

Tower stayed true to the custom vintage builds especially with 2 strokes and has emerged with his new venture Towermoto.com  I am really excited to see what he produces as his work is of the finest quality. I am proud to call Tower a friend and wish him the best of fortune on his journey.

For the first time in 10 years there will no longer be a Twinline Motorcycles in operation in Seattle… it was a privilege to  serve the community and I would take the same path again.

For now.. I will build on these 10 years of making moto by moving forward with my goal of developing a limited production motorcycle. A Twinline Motorcycle…

 – Ian Halcott 

WRW Episode 01 from Todd Blubaugh on Vimeo.


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